Specialised Hospital and HVAC Electronics

Vayrotec has been operating as a full time business since 1989 and as a Pty Ltd company since 1996. We have undertaken many varying Electronic Engineering tasks and today tend to focus primarily on Hospital electronic projects. Many products are designed for a specific customer for a specific job. We also support the HVAC industry with our range of fan motor speed controllers and many custom control solutions.

Vayrotec Pty Ltd is located at Shailer Park, in Brisbane. We speak Australian and can apply our resources to your job quickly and effectively. When projects suddenly become Critically Urgent (as they too often seem to) we are local and can apply an effective solution quickly. We have been in business many years and will be here into the future for ongoing support for your projects.

Vayrotec Pty Ltd manufacture a range of Relays specifically for the Hospital industry. We have been improving these since 1996 and they are refined products. The several different types cover all known applications in Patient Overbed Light switching requirements. All offer Galvanic isolation and Mains switching capability. All are approved products.
We manufacture a range of devices that control the speed of motors driving fans for the HVAC industry. The range covers manual control and 0 – 10 volt automated control. These products have proved popular and reliable for many years. Many are used during building commissioning to correct imbalances in air supply.
Much of our work is specialized for specific companies. An example is the Controller and Power unit for an Opening Louvred Roof.The roofs use one or more 12 volt motors and a power unit is required with manual control buttons to open and close, plus a rain sensor to automatically close the louvers in the event of rain.We have been supplying various versions of these units for over 15 years.